morey Flagsticks

and Grounds Accessories

Putting Green Models

The Perennial. Our most popular flagstick.  The upper wood section has a 1″ center grip that tapers to 9/16″ for flag mount, and 3/4″ at the base where a solid brass fitting connects to a 1/2″ fiberglass rod base. 

The Stout. A typical flagstick used in early golf.  The same style is still popular in Europe and America’s East Coast.  It has an 1 1/8″ diameter wood body with solid brass end caps and 1/2″ fiberglass rod base. 

The Slim Stick. 3/4″ diameter body with solid brass end caps and 1/2″ fiberglass rod base.  The ‘Universal’ model has a fiberglass top rod for mounting any flagstick band.  It is more lightweight than the Stout and used by some to reduce the deflection sometimes seen in a heavier flagstick.

The Earlieron. Another flagstick design from early golf, this simple stick recalls the days when many flagsticks were metal and might require a wooden grip during the hot summer months.  The wood grip can be 16″ or 30″ in length.  1/2″ fiberglass rod is used on the base and upper.

The Tradition. Designed for special event use and not recommended for windy conditions, the profiled wooden upper is similar to the Perennial in shape.  The base is a 10″ solid brass fitting, 1/2″ in diameter at ground level.

The ‘Pasture Golf‘. An all-wood flagstick with the typical brass base ferrule.  It is the same shape as the Tradition.  We can also mount a wooden base ferrule if you would want an all-wood flagstick.

Practice Putting Green Models

Our practice putting green flagsticks are a shorter version of our full-size putting green flagsticks.  The Tradition is our most popular and matches the Perennial profile.

Flag mounting

Our “Universal” flagstick option has a fiberglass rod top for mounting any flagstick brand.

Flagstick length

Our most popular putting green flagstick is 7′.  We can build any length you require.  5′ sticks were used in early golf, and we understand that some in Europe still use them.  The most popular practice putting green size is 30”.

Flagstick finishes

The stock stain color for domestic hardwood flagsticks is a medium brown. Custom stain colors are available.  The finish is a clear gloss.  Painted color striping is available.

Exotic hardwoods

To keep exotics looking new, and for simple maintenance, we recommend using a low gloss penetrating sealer.  We can apply a gloss clear coat if required.  Contact us for a product care sheet.