About Us

‘The Cheesebrough Group’

Since 1996

An association of American tradesmen, master craftsmen, and artists.

Cheesebrough is classified as an Early American Industry, the period preceding the Industrial Revolution.  Cheesebrough originally began in the mid 1800’s as a supplier of tools for clearing land, building structures, agriculture, home, and animal care. 

Wanting to expand our line of accessories for golf beyond wooden rakes, we began to organize the “Cheesebrough Group” of tradesmen, master craftsmen, and artists at the close of the last century.  This group works together in wood, metal, and fabrics to design and produce in singles or quantity.  Incorporating CNC and 3D printing into our traditional handwork helps control the cost of producing high quality hand finished goods. 

We can work with you to develop and produce any items you might require.  Most of our group have apprenticed in their trade and many of us go back generations in our field.   Our total years of combined experience are many.


‘Konkle & Peck ~ Wood Rakes, Butterbowls, & Clothespins” opened for business near the middle of the 19th century.  In 1872 English immigrant Job Cheesebrough bought the company and began shipping his wooden tools from Freeport Michigan to Europe and on to Russia.  Single orders filling 4-6 railroad boxcars were not uncommon.  When the local rail system in the states was completed, Cheesebrough also began sending products throughout the America’s. 

Mechanization and loss of overseas shipping during WWI & WWII prompted Cheesebrough to transition from agriculture to the grounds maintenance industry in the 20th century.  As plastics began to dominate that market, focus shifted to bunker rakes for the golf industry.  Thanks to golf, Cheesebrough again enjoys an expanding global market. Near the close of the 20th century, the decision was made to expand the line of accessories for the golf industry beyond wooden rakes.  With the introduction of flagsticks, the ‘Morey”brand was born, and other accessories are added to the Morey brand each year.   NoNaMae fabrics soon followed, supplying golf flags.  The O. Chithatt’l & Everwirq shop was then added to design and prototype new products as well as custom products for our clients.  O. Chithatt’l & Everwirq also designs and builds custom machinery for the group.  We refer to this group of brands as ‘The Cheesebrough Group’.  Additional brands are in the development stage with the goal to form the foundation for the ‘Small Town American” association.

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