Quality Wooden Rakes

Bunker Rakes

Flex Frame

The Flex Frame is the traditional split handle rake, and typically used in bunkers.  It is light weight, and the design makes it a proper fit for early golf.

Rod Frame

The metal bracing on the Rod frame increases the strength of the head/handle connection.  Photos are coming.

Maintenance Rakes

Our 26” head / 66” handle Rod Frame is used by the grounds crew for bunker prep and general maintenance. Some clubs do use a down-sized Rod Frame in bunkers.  

Early Rakes

Starting with a split-handle, rake design evolved to a split-handle with a wooden bow brace and then to an all-wooden bow brace. In 1887, Cheesebrough started using wire in place of the wooden braces. In 1996, we started using a stainless steel rod brace. Only the split-handle rake is still original and is called our Flex Frame.

Rake Teeth

The teeth are easily replaced in the field if needed.  They are held in place with a 23 gauge stainless pin, but most often will not require the pin when being replaced.  Round teeth gently comb through grass.  Square edge teeth can tear grass blades, producing brown tips that will diminish the luster of the turf.