Full-sized Flagsticks

Flagstick length

Our most popular putting green flagstick is 7′.  We can build any length you require.  5′ sticks were used in early golf, and we understand that some in Europe still use them.  The most popular practice putting green size is 30”.

Flagstick Finishes

The stock stain color for domestic hardwood flagsticks is a medium brown. Custom stain colors are available.  The finish is a clear gloss.  Painted color striping is available. Our stock finish on exotic hardwood is petroleum-based penetrating sealer.

Flag mounting

Most of our flagsticks will accept the typical industry flag. Only the larger diameter wood bodies require a larger loop and will need to use our “NoNaMae” flags. To accept the typical flag, we can also install a fiberglass top rod in the larger diameter wood body flagsticks.

Full-size Flagsticks


The Perennial


The Stout

Slim Stick


The Earlieron


“Pasture Golf”

Flex Flagsticks

We have been working with a few clubs to develop our “Flex” series of Low Deflection Flagsticks. Click on the flagstick below to see them.

Practice Flagsticks

The typical length of our “morey” practice putting green flagsticks is 30″.  We can make them 36″, or any length you require.  The stainless ball cup can be inverted for free standing use, and we can also install a ground spike for temporary installation.  We can also install a ground spike in the lower brass fitting and use no cup.

A wood ball TOP GRIP is standard on the Perennial and Tradition.   Our wooden flagsticks are often used with no flag.  The typical golf flags can be mounted on any flagstick.  You will need to use our “NoNaMae” flag for the larger diameter wooden stick tops. 


NOTE: For clubs with a more aggressive player base, we recommend the Tradition, a “Rough Service” model of the Perennial profile.  See them HERE.



Domestic hardwood stout. (Requires our “NoNaMae” flag)


Domestic hardwood Stout with universal flag mount.   

Slim Stick


Domestic hardwood Slim Stick. (Requires our “NoNaMae” flag)


Domestic hardwood Slim Stick with universal flag mount. 

Tradition Practice Putting Green

T30bc – The Tradition is our “Rough Service” model of this design.  The longer 8″ brass base allows a larger tenon on the base of the wood body for increased strength.

Custom Flagsticks


This exotic hardwood Tradition shows our octagon profile option.  The octagon profile can be used on most of our flagstick models.


This exotic hardwood Tradition has “Cheesebrough 1872” in bas relief lettering.


This exotic hardwood Tradition has “Cheesebrough Since 1872” engraved and filled in with black epoxy. 


This shows 5 twisting “ribs” on an exotic hardwood Tradition.  We can carve a variety of flagstick shapes and styles.


This shows 3 twisting “ribs” on a domestic hardwood Tradition.


The wood body on the Que is 1 1/8″ at the top.   The model with the 5″ brass base rod is 9/16″ at the bottom and ¾” on the model with the fiberglass base rod.  The Que is also available with a threaded stud on the brass cap for wood ball grip or flag mounting, and a fiberglass top rod for flag mounting.

Top Grips