Flag Shape

Flag Fabric and Color

We use a 3-year “no fade” acrylic fabric. The quality appearance and feel of this fabric is similar to the heavy weave cotton used in early golf.

Harness Options

Acrylic fabric allows us to either match or contrast flag colors. It also avoids the fading that occurs on the black web harness.

Acrylic Fabric Harness

Polypropylene Webbing Harness


We can use the typical glossy embroidery thread, low-gloss color-fast thread, or our no-fade acrylic thread. Color selection on the color-fast and no-fade threads is more limited. We can also “brand” your flags with embroidered initials.

Acrylic Binding

Edge trim can make the flag more attractive and more visible.


Large numbers and even more “bulky” parts of a logo can be appliqued.

Distressing and Patches

You will notice some of the flags shown have frayed edges. This is our “distressed” option. Our distressed patch with appliqued numbers are also shown on these flags.